Our Rooms

Great offices within a few minutes walk of Eyre Square, all banks, restaurants and all the facilities of Tribal City.

The offices are furnished, but tenants can avail of a wide range of office services if required, reducing the equipment investment made by the tenant. These offices can be used as offices, a classroom or a workshop center.

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The Theater

Lovely ground floor room, 11.12mx 4.8m, with timber floor, high Georgian ceiling and arched appearance. This room is ideal for meetings, small concerts, and with mirrors on the walls, it is ideal for dance classes or acting auditions. The room can accommodate up to 65 people in a theater layout or 34 for a class.
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Room #1

Located on the first floor, this is another fine room, 6.4mx 4.8m, with a high Georgian ceiling and natural light flowing in through the arch window. This room is suitable for meetings, classes, workshops or as an interview venue. the room is suitable for about 20 people as a classroom or for 15 as a boardroom.

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Room #2

Located on the second floor, this is another room, 4.8mx 4.8m, with a high Georgian ceiling and plenty of natural light. This room is suitable for meetings, classes, workshops or as a venue for interviews. Suitable room for 20 as a classroom or about 12 for meetings.
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Room #3

This room, 7.3mx 4.8m, is located on the third floor and is suitable for meetings, classes or drama courses. The room can be set up as a theater for 35 people, or as a classroom for 20 people.

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