In 1935, a conference was held at Ignatius College in Galway under the auspices of the Galway Branch of. On the first day of February 1935, the work of the company commenced properly. The purpose of this conference was to find out whether the two houses in which the work of the Galway trade school was taking place could be made available as a home and a center for the work of the Irish language. It was decided to identify one of the houses owned by the VEC in Dominic Street. By the end of 1938, both houses were purchased from the same committee, and Áras na nGael ‘has been in existence ever since. The first statutory meeting was held in Ignatius College on Friday, February 4, 1938, in which we elected the first nine leaders (See 1938-1944) The question of the house was very important. It was thought on the establishment of the company that the situation of the Irish language and in particular the state of Irish language movements in Galway, was deteriorating, as there was no permanent headquarters serving them in the city. It was confirmed that there would be no restriction on those who would use the building except that they would conduct their business through Irish. It was also decided that this building would have a special place for the young people as they were part of the Irish language movement. It was stated that it would be available to Irish speakers for Irish entertainment and dances, theater for Irish language plays, Irish language debates as well as many other events.

Áras na nGael

45, Dominic Street


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